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The Need-to-Know Information When Buying Apartment Buildings For Sale

Investing in commercial real estate is not hard when you have the right people working with you. Buying an apartment building is one way to play the property market in Vancouver. The potential in the city is enormous, and you can expect to get good returns on your investments. However, it is useful to know what to look for when you want to buy an apartment building. If you are a first-time investor, then having the right information will go a long way. Here are a few basic matters.

Income History

The most important feature of an apartment building is its income generations. You buy an apartment building to rent out to tenants or turn it into something else. Whatever the case, you want the building to bring in income. Therefore, you have to consider the income potential of Vancouver apartment buildings for sale before making any final decision.


Multiple Commercial Real Estate Listing Services: How Do They Work?

Multiple Listings Service (MLS) are databases that are created, retained, and paid for by professionals in the real estate industry to help their clients sell and buy property. Access to the kind of information held on these listings is in most cases provided free-of-charge to the public by participating real estate brokers.What is not made publicly accessible is normally the kind of data that would endanger the safety or privacy of the sellers such as contact information or specific times when the property is vacant for public showings.

The MLS have for many years been a very effective tool employed by real estate agents in helping their clients in selling or buying property. Vancouver commercial real estate brokers make their commissions from the successful sale of properties they have on their lists.

Vancouver Business Brokers: Influx of Luxury Brands Fuels Rise in Rent

Luxury fashion brand Prada is set to open a spacious store on downtown Vancouver’s Alberni Street very soon. With an impressive 7,700 square meters to play with, the Italian brand is launching its first “Made-to-Measure” service in Canada.

Prada is not alone in recognising the potential of Vancouver’s expanding luxury retail market, which is located between the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on West Georgia Street and the Shangri-La Hotel on Alberni Street. Over the last five years Burberry, Versace, Dior De Beers, Rolex, Moncler and Strellson have all moved into retail spaces in this downtown zone, creating a local version of LA’s world renowned Rodeo Drive. High-end jewellers Tiffany and Co., a longstanding brand in Vancouver, is also expected to expand its retail presence from 2,000 square feet to 14,000 square feet this year.

The Top Five Advantages of Buying a Business for Sale in Vancouver

If you’re looking to purchase a business for sale in Vancouver, you’ll likely experience many benefits once you’ve secured the deal. Check out this list of the top five advantages.

Immediate Means of Generating Revenue

Finances are important to any business owner, which is why having an immediate flow of cash when you purchase existing businesses in Vancouver is a big advantage. This cash flow may come from already-secured contracts, a strong customer base or a recognisable brand that can draw in the business without you having to market strongly.

An Already-Established Business

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of buying businesses for sale in Vancouver is you’ll be taking over an established enterprise. You won’t need to draw up any plans or put in place procedures that would normally be involved with a startup, leaving you to concentrate on generating a profit.

Apartment Buildings for Sale: Tips for Purchasing an Apartment Complex

An apartment building for sale in Vancouver can offer a lucrative financial investment and yet, numerous factors should be addressed beforehand. This is even more critical when you consider that as of January 2016, the average price for a single flat was listed at $1,674 dollars. So, what are a handful of pivotal variables to address well in advance?

The Return on Investment

This term is often simply abbreviated as “”ROI”” in financial circles. In other words, how profitable is the venture expected to be over time? This should be looked at from a long-term perspective, because property values within Vancouver can change dramatically depending upon the state of the economy. Not only is this important before making a personal financial commitment, but it should be noted that lenders will take this very same factor under consideration before approving any type of loan.

Choosing a Commercial Property for Sale: Important Role of Location

Many people want to buy commercial real estate in Vancouver for retail, industrial, or other commercial purposes. Take note that location is among the most significant aspects that determine the selling price of a particular property. A top reason is that capital assets grow when land increases in value, and location determines the demand and supply of land or not. These two factors will then go a long way into determining the price of the land. For instance, a parcel of land that is found near the central business district will sell at a higher price than a comparable piece of land on the outskirts of the city.

The Value of Land

When the value of a piece of property increases, it negatively affects the value of buildings and improvements as they depreciate over time.

Investing in a Vancouver Business for Sale: 3 Major Pitfalls to Avoid

Vancouver is well-known for its promising real estate market, both residentially and commercially, with enough buyers to make any opportunity tempting. For prospective entrepreneurs or anyone looking to make a choice acquisition, there’s at least three pitfalls worth knowing about before investing in a business for sale.

Pitfall #1: Purchasing a business during city-run auctions.

Every November, and potentially on other occasions, the city of Vancouver auctions off properties with very low starting bids. Although these are almost always residences, it is not impossible for a business’s current owner to find their business auctioned off as part of a city-run “”tax sale””.

Unfortunately, although a 2.4 million dollar purchase could start as low as $24,000 in one of these auctions, the main intent is not always for the property to r switch hands.

Jean Seguin and His Team of Business Brokers Launch a New Website

Vancouver, British Columbia (16 February 2016) – Renowned former restauranteur Jean Seguin and his team launch a new website for Vancouver Business Brokers, their newest business venture. The newly established business is aims to help clients match up with the right buyer or seller for their business. The company is a full service firm that offers clients all the essential resources and services from creating listings to marketing a commercial property.

The same team behind the success of Restaurant Business Broker, Jean Seguin’s other business that focuses on selling and buying restaurants. is also the same team working at Vancouver Business Brokers as the company continues to hit the city by storm. The new website of Vancouver Business Brokers will be have a similar pattern to the website of Restaurant Business Broker.