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Examining the Current State of Commercial Real Estate in Vancouver

Thanks to a favourable geographic location and a robust economy, Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia have constantly experienced an increase in real estate prices in recent years. This is just as true for businesses as it is for residential property owners. In fact, Central 1 Credit Union expects this trend to continue until 2018 at the earliest. While this is great for property owners, the fact of the matter is that purchasing a new commercial property can be a bit challenging with such high costs. What innovative options do potential buyers have? Read more from this blog:


Find the Ideal Commercial Real Estate for You with Your Broker’s Help

Putting up your own business is not just about having a great, sellable idea. Beyond that, the more important thing becomes the manner by which you execute said idea. Among the critical points of a good business execution is finding the right location for your business. This, especially if your business is a brick and mortar store, can make or break your enterprise.

Before you decide on any particular commercial real estate in Vancouver, therefore, you should first consult with a professional broker. Not only can they find you the most suited location for your business needs, you also can get it for a good deal. Here are some of the other advantages you can gain from them.

Great Photos Make Commercial Real Estate in Vancouver More Appealing

With a buoyant market and the proliferation of social media, there’s never been a more important time to consider the importance of photography when buying or selling commercial real estate in Vancouver. Whether people are looking for a place to build their future business, or selling a space that they’ve outgrown, how the property is photographed is of prime importance.

A good real estate photographer will treat every shoot with the respect it deserves and that means sessions in larger properties can take hours to orchestrate, especially if every room will be covered.

Marketing Spaces

Like any other product, commercial property for sale Vancouver needs to be marketed properly online, with plenty of clear images and well-staged spaces, because that’s where many people hoping to make a purchase will begin their search.

Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Broker Helps You Make the Smart Move

Are you looking for a new office space that can accommodate your business’ expansion? Do you feel confident that moving on will also mean moving up in the market ladder? As you may very well know by now—or in case you still haven’t realized it yet—your business location does affect the amount of success that it generates.

If your business sells products like fashion retail, or easy-access services like a laundry shop, for example, you would preferably get a space which can give you maximum foot traffic. You want people immediately seeing that you are readily available and accessible to give them what they need or want.

If, however, your business is more of the corporate type, then you would want to be in a location that is convenient, accessible, and professional. You want to embody the sophistication and elegance befitting the kind of business that you do.

Multiple Commercial Real Estate Listing Services: How Do They Work?

Multiple Listings Service (MLS) are databases that are created, retained, and paid for by professionals in the real estate industry to help their clients sell and buy property. Access to the kind of information held on these listings is in most cases provided free-of-charge to the public by participating real estate brokers.What is not made publicly accessible is normally the kind of data that would endanger the safety or privacy of the sellers such as contact information or specific times when the property is vacant for public showings.

The MLS have for many years been a very effective tool employed by real estate agents in helping their clients in selling or buying property. Vancouver commercial real estate brokers make their commissions from the successful sale of properties they have on their lists.